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MikuStar is moving!

Written by Scott

With all of the chaos of the last few months, it’s good to finally be able to share some good news with you.  MikuStar.com and its blog VocaJump.com are being combined together into a new website – MIKUSTAR.NET. The result will be a new MikuStar, published in an online magazine format that will be more entertaining and engaging than ever before.

The first step in the process has already taken place. All content from MikuStar’s blog at VocaJump.com has been transferred to MikuStar.net (now hosted with a company in Canada) and reconfigured into the new e-magazine theme. Over the next several months, the content from the main site at MikuStar.com will also be transferred, one article at a time, to MikuStar.net. This will be a fairly involved process since the source and destination websites are incompatible with each other. In addition to this, some updates or improvements to the content of each article will be made as they’re moved over.

This is a massive project, easily the largest I have ever undertaken but it’s necessary to ensure the survival of MikuStar into the foreseeable future. I expect to be working on this from now until at least May or June.  When I’m finished, you will have a whole new MikuStar, one that is very different but still very special.  MikuStar.net will become your one-stop shop for news, concert information, video and album reviews, guest columns and current events, plus revised versions of the well-researched and entertaining profile articles that you’re used to seeing on the original MikuStar.  Of course, the new MikuStar.net e-magazine will still carry the official title and logo “MikuStar – Hatsune Miku’s World”.

From this point on you will be able to visit MikuStar.net to see the progress as it comes together. I ask for your patience during the transition.

ALSO COMING SOON:  The “Legends” profile article and exclusive interview with DECO*27 will be proceeding soon.

All the best -


She is the most prolific performer in history...

She is idolized by millions around the globe.  She has appeared in thousands of videos and her voice can be heard in hundreds of thousands of songs worldwide.

Riding on a wave of fan-generated creativity and artistic inspiration, the first worldwide virtual diva is heading for North America, Europe and beyond. Get ready to witness something truly remarkable, because she is about to change everything we've ever taken for granted about music.

Her name is Hatsune Miku.

MikuStar - Hatsune Miku's World is an unofficial global English language website dedicated to the beautiful Hatsune Miku and all the characters in her exciting world.  

MikuStar has detailed profile articles on Vocaloid, UTAU and other special characters as well as the people that work with them.   Along with its official blog VocaJump, MikuStar provides news, songs, videos, trivia and featured illustrations as well as the stories that fans want to hear.

Plastic Voice featuring Hatsune Miku
Music & Lyrics: tilt six (http://vocadb.net/Ar/4675)
Movie: yama_ko (http://vocadb.net/Ar/1715)
Translation: Descent Subs (http://www.youtube.com/user/ukwildcat387)
Original official YT upload (please subscribe): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9Ur3l4GyHzw


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